River Heights Provides Best Dentists Inver Grove Heights Has to Offer

A father called us at River Heights Dental Care to see if he could get his son seen immediately. His son chipped his tooth playing hockey after he fell on the ice. The father was worried that his son may have done severe damage to his teeth, so the hockey player’s dad took him to the best dentists Inver Grove has available for family, children, and anyone. The staff at River Heights Dental Care could sympathize with the dad, and scheduled him to come in the same day.

The father and son arrived at the dental office, and was taken back to be checked out immediately. Dr. Christopherson told the two not to worry, because he would be able to help the son out. After a full evaluation of the teeth, Dr. Christopherson told the father that there was no other damage, and a crown would be perfect for the chipped tooth. He prepared the tooth for the crown, then a mold was taken, so the crown would be an exact fit and match. Dr. Christopherson made a temporary crown, so the boy wouldn’t have to walk around with a chipped tooth, and let them know that the permanent crown would be ready next week. The father brought his son back the following week, and the permanent crown was applied. It looked natural, and the dad and his son was thrilled on how great it looked. River Heights Dental Care is the dentist the whole family can trust in Inver Grove.

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