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Three Generations Choose River Heights as their SSP Family Dentist

A grandmother had gotten her veneers done at River Heights Dental Care after her daughter recommended that she uses our services. Her daughter told her that not only does she and her husband go to River Heights Dental Care, but the kids do, too. River Heights Dental Care is happy to be the SSP familyContinue Reading

SSP Dental Office Serves Young Athlete after Minor Injury

A mother of a little league football player went to the dentist after a rather intense tackle knocked one of his loose teeth out. The mother needed to take her son to a convenient dental office in SSP, and River Heights was able to serve them well and put the mom’s fears to rest. TheContinue Reading

SSP General Dentist Provides Urgent Reassurances

River Heights Dental Care received a call from frantic parents. The parents had an eight year old daughter and they got into quite a scare when they gave their daughter a caramel apple. She took her first bite into the caramel apple and she pulled out three teeth with that first bite. Their daughter neverContinue Reading

Healthy Patient Gets Cleaned at the Best Dental Clinic in SSP

A health foods enthusiast was pursuing an interest in probiotic foods. He had started this a few years ago. His diet consisted of a lot of fermented products including kimchi, vinegars, and kombucha. He really enjoyed the health benefits, but he started to notice that his teeth were starting to be affected due to theContinue Reading

South St. Paul Dental Clinic Helps High Schooler

The River Heights Dental Care received an urgent call from a mom in South St. Paul. Her son was a student in a high school band, and he chipped a tooth while chewing on ice. Her son was now unable to play his saxophone even though he had been practicing daily, and they needed toContinue Reading

Great SSP Cosmetic Dentist Boosts Confidence for TV Appearance

A South St. Paul neighbor received a call from a producer working with a game show. The South St. Paul man was invited to be on the game show, which excited him. He had first tried to be on the show a year ago, but never heard anything back. So, he figured he wasn’t goingContinue Reading

The Friendliest and Best Dental Office in South St. Paul

One of our patients in Inver Grove Heights told her coworkers about the excellent staff at River Heights Dental. The patient works in South St. Paul, and her coworkers said that it wouldn’t be worth the drive to Inver Grove Heights to River Heights Dental, but our patient emphasized the comfortable setting, outstanding care, friendlyContinue Reading